From 1,800 to 3,200 m2 fitness centres, guaranteed among the most accessible on the market

Vast training spaces up to 3,200 m2 within Paris in a factory-style design. Strength training, cardio-training classes, dance fitness, group training with independent professionals using cutting-edge sports equipment. All our clubs are planned, designed and equipped to meet the most intense athletic routines. In our spaces and sports clubs, you will find the best of everything a fitness centre has to offer, priced among the most accessible gyms on the market. When it comes to both cost and quality of service, Montana Fitness Club, the Paris fitness centre, an XXL fitness experience is guaranteed!

XXL Fitness Value

With such long opening hours, you’ll be hard pressed to find another gym with such low membership rates.

XXL Fitness Equipment and Strength Training

Always on point, our teams unearth the latest imported equipment as soon as they’re released, and make them available in our clubs non-stop for an unforgettable fitness experience.

XXL Assistance

Our trainers and reception desk are here to listen! Personal training and group classes led by independent certified professionals. Don’t forget our video group classes broadcast non-stop in all our gyms. Also, don’t hesitate to visit our sports news blog.